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Leverage a Fully-Unified Platform That Is
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IToptix Empowers Organizations to
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Transforming IT Landscape

Comprehensive - Lightweight - Powerful

Unified Platform Provides Cutting-Edge Features & Functionality Across Critical IT Domains

Improve Operations

Make Data-Drive Decisions

Enable Business' Strategy

Key Benefits

IT Portfolio Waste & Debt Reduction

Rationalize IT Portfolio to Ensure Optimal IT Asset Coverage at the Lowest Possible Costs

Increased Productivity & Adoption

Bring the Right Technology to the Right Stakeholders 100% of the Time

Accelerated & High ROI

Observe Yields as High as 300% or More over 3-5 years.  Payback in less than 1 year

Stronger Business & IT Alignment

Eliminate Misalignment and Ensure IT is in Lock-Step with the Business Strategy

Improved Service Management

Facilitate Swift Resolution to Issues and Gain Visibility Into Areas That Are Most Problematic

Enhanced Compliance & Risk Mgmt.

Mitigate Risk and Maintain Compliance with System and 3rd-party Provider Security Profiles


As technology advances and business priorities continue to change,
OCIOs will benefit from having a more comprehensive view of their portfolio.


People and Persona identification and understanding is critical to the success of any organization. People represent the various stakeholders, organizations and consumers of technology and information. They implement projects and business processes to achieve the goals of the Business and are generally "Enabled" by IT. Stakeholders can be internal or external partners, have a wide variety of relationships and linkages to each other, and leverage an array of technology and information assets to perform their duties.

The Process component details the key activities the Business performs in order to achieve its strategy. Strategies can be broken down into a set of organized business capabilities grouped into models. Individual business processes and standard operating procedures (SOPs) explain the detailed events, actions and interdependencies needed to drive successful change in order to meet Business goals. Programs and projects are implemented as a means to address all of the above.

In today’s Transformative Era, Technology must be in place to properly enable Business users. Technology advancement is accelerating and comes in many forms; from software / platforms to infrastructure to devices. The infrastructure, cloud host providers, and the ocean of services they offer play a key role in compounding the complexity problem faced by IT organizations.  Enabling your business with the right technology while keeping the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and highest possible Returns (ROI) is the most critical role of the IT organization.

Besides its People, a Business’ strongest asset is its Information (data), both what it produces and what it acquires.  Business information is the “lifeblood” of the Business and comes in wide varieties and levels of detail.  Information is housed in IT systems and is utilized to make data-driven decisions. If properly managed and situated, effective use of Information Assets can be a key method for organizations to stay innovative and maintain competitive advantage.

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