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Transparency Through Lenses & Relationships That Matter

Organizational alignment to strategy is only part of the battle when it comes to driving success. For the Office of IT (OCIO), information management and insight beyond the technology infrastructure is critical.  Visibility through the key lenses of “People, Process, Technology and Information” is necessary to help IT offices enable their Business and provide consistency and key information along the way. To that end, COMMAND-IT enables persistent lenses across its extensive and inter-connected data model, so you always have a comprehensive view of what really matters.

Leading-Edge Technology & Lightweight User Interface (UI)

Shifts in IT portfolio complexity are driving the demand for more agile, lightweight and comprehensive platforms to effectively manage IT environments.  COMMAND-IT has been built ground-up with a novel configuration of cutting-edge technology and an easy-to-use UI. COMMAND-IT’s extensive set of product features are as easy to use as most consumer websites.

Highly Scalable, Performant and Powerful

COMMAND-IT’s Cloud Backbone has been configured to provide limitless scalability and extensibility. This means you are up-and-running in days… not weeks.  Even better, our team of strong infrastructure experts have built COMMAND-IT to ensure optimal performance and up-time so you never have to think about application support or how much data you ingest or query.


Secure and Compliant

Data and information security is the highest priority for all organizations. That is why we have built COMMAND-IT with strong encryption and access management capabilities. Enterprise-grade controls enable the ability to provision users, groups, and roles to information within the system, while securing it at rest and in transit.  Our LDAP and SAML integrations enable seamless Single-Sign-on and traceability to Corporate Access Management systems.



Enhanced Usability

Simple & Intuitive

Easy to use UI Facilitates Adoption
and Streamlines Time to Value


Persistent Insights Readily Available and Provided Out-of-the-Box


Transparency & Collaboration
Enforced and Promoted


Extensive Inter-Connected Data Model Enables Ability to Explore Linkages

Leading Features & Functionality

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Reference Data & Integrations

Industry Capability Models

COMMAND-IT is pre-configured with industry-standard capability models to get the blueprint of your organization jump-started very quickly

Cloud Host Services & Categories

COMMAND-IT is loaded with current and extensive data for all mainstream cloud providers and the services they offer

Cloud Provider
Availability Zones

Cloud provider availability zones allow you to understand where services are available and whether your infrastructure is appropriately situated across the world

Technology Vendors & Products

COMMAND-IT contains an extensive list of vendors and their products. This information is invaluable for technology mapping and obsolescence planning

Service Providers

COMMAND-IT contains hundreds of service providers and associated demographic information for use in mapping to your application and project portfolios

Extensible REST APIs

Extensible REST APIs facilitate inbound and outbound data integration and workflow orchestration

Business Intelligence Layer

COMMAND-IT provides a BI abstraction layer to enable customers the ability to connect and generate reports and queries from 3rd party BI tools

3rd-Party Integrations

Integrate with pure play ITSM and CMDB providers to aggregate detail to support strategic-level decisions. Integrate with your favorite applications for a more robust experience

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