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Accelerate Creation of Your Business Blueprint by Taking Advantage of COMMAND-IT’s Industry-Specific Capability Models

Solutions by Department

Support the Growing Technology Needs of Your Organization
Across a Wide Variety of Departments and Constituents

Solutions by Domain

Leverage a Fully-Integrated Platform That Covers the Full Spectrum of Domains Critical to the Success of IT

Link Business Strategy to IT Operations...
and Everything in Between

Solutions by Industry

Accelerate Creation of Your “Business Blueprint”

To accelerate the creation of your Business Blueprint, COMMAND-IT comes pre-loaded with 24 different Industry-Standard Capability Models.  This way, you don’t have to start from a blank slate and can leverage industry subject matter expertise.  If you prefer not to use one of COMMAND-IT’s standard Capability Models, you can always import your own or create brand new directly in the platform!

Aerospace, Defense & Security
Airline (Commercial & Private)
Energy (Oil, Gas, Electric, Natural)
Financial - Banking
Financial - Investment
Financial - Insurance
Food, Grocery, Convenience, Drink
Healthcare / Insurance
Industrials & Materials
Life Sciences
Lodging & Accommodations
Publishing, Media & Entertainment
Real Estate
Retail / Consumer (General, Elec., etc)
Services (Consumer & Professional)
Sporting Franchise, Goods, Services
Technology & Telecommunications
Transportation, Infra. / Logistics
Utilities / Manufacturing
Cross-Industry / Generic
Solutions by Department

Support the Growing Technology Needs of Your Organization
Across a Wide Variety of Departments and Constituents

IT Strategy / Executive (CIO / CTO)

Ensure alignment of IT assets, resources, processes and information to your Business’ strategic goals and objectives while providing the highest possible quality at the lowest possible cost.

Remain the Digital “Trusted Advisor” to your Business in a highly transformative era of IT operations. Be “Strategic” – not “Reactive”.

Business Strategy / Executive

Build the Blueprint of Your Business using process flows and capability models to outline and classify the components of your value stream that require technology enablement.

Make data-driven decisions as to where certain investments are required.


IT Enterprise Architecture (EA)

Maintain a high-degree of continuous oversight across the increasingly complex IT portfolio as well as those technologies, practices, or trends within the market gaining traction to ensure the best-fit architecture for your local or global business; now and as you look to build your future roadmaps.

Remain “Trusted Advisor” to both your Business & IT constituents by providing insights and linkages within the portfolio that were previously unattainable.

IT Project / Program Management (PMO)

Gain visibility to the allocation of forecasted budget and spend across programs and projects by both resources (internal and external), as well as the technology that supports them.

Reduce mis-alignment and ensure the right programs / projects are instituted based on your Business’ strategic goals.

IT Security & Compliance (CISO)

Leverage data lineage tracking, vendor management classification and scoring, infrastructure provider profiles, and up-to-date industry regulations to ensure security and compliance across all of your IT assets, information, and service providers working on behalf of the organization regardless of physical location.

Mitigate risk based on system and 3rd-party provider security profiles.

IT Infrastructure & Operations (I&O)

Manage the full spectrum of tickets and service requests across on premise and cloud infrastructure to ensure the proper service levels are provided to your organization.

Facilitate swift resolution to issues as they arise and gain visibility into the areas that are the most problematic in order to course-correct going forward.

IT Finance & Procurement

Enable world-class IT procurement and cost management by retaining information and insights across vendors, technology, and ongoing IT spend patterns.  Leverage RFP / I accelerators as a means to more-quickly procure assets and information to support your business.  Retain all information so your organization doesn’t re-invent the wheel each time!

IT Product Lines / Functions

Support the strategic technology needs of your business constituents by bringing to bear the proper technology and information assets aligned to a well-constructed and thoughtfully budgeted program/project portfolio that provides incremental value.

Solutions by Domain

Leverage a Fully-Integrated Platform

COMMAND-IT Covers the Full Spectrum of Domains Critical to the Success of IT

  • ITPM
  • EA
  • ITAM
  • ITSM
  • IRM/LM
  • BPM
  • PPM
  • ITFM

IT Portfolio Management

IT Value Chain – Managed & Linked to Strategic Objectives, Business Capabilities, & other classifications

Key Components:

  • Technology Portfolio Governance
  • Portfolio Rationalization & Obsolescence Mgmt.
  • Data Asset Lineage Tracking
  • Innovation & Trend spotting

Enterprise Architecture

Ensure Best-Fit Architecture aligned to standards, current landscapes & trends

Key Components:

  • Architecture Governance & Standards Mgmt.
  • Target Architecture Realization
  • Security Architecture
  • Cloud Capability Management
  • Business-to-Technology Alignment

IT Asset  Management

Control IT Asset Inventory to limit technical debt (Software, Hardware, Device)

Key Components:

  • IT Asset Inventory & Classification
  • IT Inventory Cost Management
  • Data Asset / Lineage Tracking
  • IT Asset Lifecycle Management

IT Service Management

Respond quickly across entire IT Service Catalog (Tickets, Bugs, Support)

Key Components:

  • Internal Control Management
  • IT Change Management
  • Workflow Management
  • Problem and Incident Management

IT Risk & Lifecycle Management

Proactive decision-making enablement (invest, maintain, retire) + Safety & Compliance Tracking

Key Components:

  • IT Asset and Information Risk Management
  • Service Provider & Portfolio Risk Management
  • Security Risk Management
  • Regulatory / Compliance Risk Management
  • IT Asset Life cycle Management

Business Process Management

Map end-to-end Business Strategy & Processes and align to enabling technology (BPMN 2.0 Compliant)

Key Components:

  • Strategic Priority Alignment
  • Business Model & Capability Management
  • SOP Visibility, Linkage & Tracking
  • Value Chain Process Linking
  • Governance Enablement & Facilitation
  • Strategic Roadmap Enablement

Portfolio & Project Management

Enable Strategic Planning and Align Projects and Programs to Strategic Priorities, Technologies, & Engaged Service Providers

Key Components:

  • Strategic "Tops-down" Planning
  • Program / Project Resource and Cost Management
  • Demand Management
  • Vendor Oversight
  • Organizational Change Management

IT Financial Management

Full-Transparency for “Bill of IT” (Spend Analysis, Forecasting & ROI) for ALL IT resources

Key Components:

  • Technology Costs & Licensing Management
  • IT Investment Optimization & Prediction
  • IT Cost Driver Analysis
  • Tangential Asset Costs
  • Cloud Provider Hosting and Service Costs

Leverage a Fully-Integrated Platform

Digital Transformation

Rationalize Technology assets to slim your portfolio and ensure the right technology is brought to bear for the innovative and market-differentiating needs of your Business. Enable your organization to embrace this Digital Age!

Cloud Migration

Migrate to the Cloud with confidence by ensuring your organization is leveraging the right set of cloud provider resources, services and geographical availability zones to properly support your Cloud Migration Strategy.

Data Lineage & Traceability

Enable full end-to-end transparency for data asset lifecycle. Effectively trace data lineage from Procurement through Consumption, and understand where opportunities may exist to reduce redundancy and consolidate and/or align disparate systems.

Merger & Acquisition (or Divestiture)

Facilitate Merger & Acquisition activities by understanding IT synergies across organizations enabling you to consolidate and integrate portfolios more quickly and seamlessly. Inversely, identify those applications appropriate for divestiture & off-boarding.

Roadmaps & Strategic Planning

Propel your organization forward by providing them the tools they need to understand where technology and information assets could better enable their strategy. Maintain oversight of how your IT landscape has taken shape to appropriately support its future!


Geographically plot the blueprint of your business and provide visibility across your global organization through key lenses of People, Process, Technology and Information to ensure an ideal global footprint that meets the needs of your organization.

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